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7 Jewelry Essentials for Styling like a French Girl

7 Jewelry Essentials for Styling like a French Girl


The je ne sais quoi possessed by Parisians is beyond our reach. The effortlessness with which they dress and still manage to look like a diva isn't everyone's cup of tea. France is the city of fashion, it serves as an adobe to the biggest luxury brands and designers. The french girls don’t read glamour, vogue, Elle or vanity fair to know what hot at the moment, they create trends! Wearing jewelry like a stylist is in their blood! They have an innate quality to make things a bit sultry and sophisticated. So, how do they do it? Why are these women always dressed in picture-perfect jewelry? The key to styling like a french girl is to make jewelry your second skin. Some french women never take off their jewelry (yes, even before bath and sleep). Some of the jewelry they own clings to their bodies until it gets old or outdated. 

The reason they look classy and chic is their smart fashion choices. The religious follow minimalism. So, less is more when you want to emulate the french ladies. 

Below are 7 jewelry pieces you should add to your personal collection to style like a born-and-breed french girl - 

1. Small Gold Hoops - The french people swear by clothes and jewelry which are versatile and high-quality. That way they can wear the same thing on different occasions with a little tweaking. Small gold hoops like Huggies are suited for workplaces as well as casual meetings and get-together. With these graceful earrings, you can feel comfortable the entire day and visit several places without changing your jewelry. Red lipstick and gold hoops are made for each other, so don’t forget to add red to your lips before leaving home when you have your hoops on!  

2. Diamond Studs - Unless you are attending a big event, you wouldn’t need your statement earrings. The diamond studs instantly light up your face without attracting any extra attention from the spectators. They are a fashion staple for women and girls at work. 

3. Medallion Pendant Necklace -The necklace consists of coin-like pendants, similar to a medal in appearance. It has cravings of religious symbols deemed sacred by the French people. Today medallion necklaces come in a variety of designs from a plan round-shaped pendant with no engraving to initials on the pendant. To spruce up your look layer a neck chain with medallion pendant. If the medallion is not your thing, shop for a statement necklace online

A crescent pendant is a great addition to your medallion necklace for layering effects. But, keep in mind that the length of the necklaces you wear should vary, otherwise it will all look a mess rather than a style statement. 

4. Sleek Rings - Understated jewelry is in a french girl’s everyday companion. Stacking might have been all the rage in recent years, but the french mastered this art decades ago. They are ready to party any time of the day with the stacked jewelry. For a Persian vibe stack, sleek signet rings neatly one over the other on a couple of fingers. 

5. Gold Choker - Choker rest above your collarbone touching your neck. Instead of a close-fitting necklace, opt for a slightly loose version. It encircles the necks subtly, letting your attire steal the show. You can find such a choker at a statement necklace online store. 

6. Drop Earrings - As the name suggests, drop earrings have little hangings at the end that slide down the earlobe. The top part used to secure the earring to the ear is stationary, the lower portion is movable. Tiny drop earrings are a piece of jewelry that every girl should have. You can even create a drop from your small hoops incorporating a silver charm. 

7. Ear Cuffs - Earlobes have been adorned with jewels in every culture, why leave the rest of your ear bare? You don’t have to pierce your cartilage! Ear cuff will add glam to your face without any involvement of needles. For a funky look add a silver charm to your cuff. 

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