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Best way to Store and Care for Silver Jewelry

Best way to Store and Care for Silver Jewelry


Pure Silver (also called fine silver) is soft, very malleable, and easily damaged. For use in jewelry, it is combined with other metals to produce a more durable product.

Sterling Silver jewelry is an investment; we make for the present and the future. While our beloved pieces had a price tag at one point, as we wear and cherish them over the years, our fine jewelry becomes priceless and therefore all the more worthy of preservation.

For thousands of years, silver has maintained a positive market demand as an investment, currency and store of value. Silver’s market demand is still dominated by bullion coins, industrial products and jewelry. This precious metal also features in the stocks exchange as a traded product.

Silver price in the stock market is mostly based on speculation. Supply and demand are the main causes of silver price changes and thus when compared to gold, silver is rather volatile.

Storing Silver jewelry

Each piece of Silver Jewelry is a unique, wearable work of art that deserves special attention, so be sure to consider what your jewelry is made of and store it according to the needs of its components.

Because of the high value and rarity of certain jewelry, some people like to store their jewelry in a safe when not in use. If you have individual gemstones, a soft pouch is good for keeping them from coming in contact with other hard surfaces.

Care for Silver Jewelry

Cleaning Silver will help to keep its bright shine, and when it is cleaned, it can be difficult to differentiate sterling silver from White Gold. The best way to clean silver is to use a cleaning agent that has a sulfur base. This type of cleaner tends to have a pungent odor, but it will work quite well to remove accumulated tarnish.

Chemically Treated Clothes

There are many cleaning cloths on the market that are chemically treated with agents that will clean and polish silver. These can be used for light tarnishing; however, the advantage of having these cloths handy is that they are excellent for light, regular cleanings of silver pieces.


Aside from investing in a polishing machine, it will be necessary to take Sterling Silver Jewelry to a reputable jewelry store to have it polished. Just like all other precious metals, the surface can become scratched, and it will be necessary to get scratches filed and polished out of the metal so that the original luster of the pieces can be retained.


Many Silver jewelry pieces are antique, and these items sometimes need to be refinished so that the darkened areas that may flake or fade can be replaced. Generally, this is not an expensive service, and a local repair shop is the best place to take it for refinishing.

Jewelry Cleaning Machines

Many jewelry cleaning machines are excellent tools to remove surface dirt. However, the solution the jewelry is placed in must be compatible with sterling silver. It's not recommended to use an ammonia solution to clean sterling silver. Ammonia is okay to use on gold, but it's not compatible with silver. The best possible choice is a cleaning solution that is specifically made for silver. Incidentally, steam cleaners will clean oils and dirt off of sterling silver, but it will not remove tarnish.

Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are many anti-tarnishing papers and bags on the market that can be used to discourage the tarnishing of sterling silver jewelry. These are excellent for storage, and if possible, they should be used each time a piece of jewelry goes into the jewelry box for storage. If Sterling Silver is being stored in a large area such as a jewelry wardrobe, it's recommended that silica gel bags be placed inside of the wardrobe. These bags contain little granules that absorb moisture. Silica gel bags will reduce the amount of moisture that can get into the wardrobe. Creating a dryer environment will ensure that there will be less tarnish on sterling silver jewelry while it is being stored.


Using a small brush or a very soft toothbrush to whisk away any stubborn dirt or deposits on sterling silver can be helpful. It is also helpful to use soft cloths to dry the jewelry once it has been washed clean of dirt and tarnish. When certain chemical solutions are used, it will be necessary to wash and completely dry a piece of silver so that the wetness doesn't encourage the piece to immediately begin to tarnish after it has been cleaned. A soft, absorbent cloth can come in handy to accomplish the task of thoroughly drying Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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