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History and Symbolism of Earrings

History and Symbolism of Earrings


Earrings belong to one of the oldest ornaments that were worn by various cultures in the time. There are multiple reasons to wear Earrings as –

. Earrings were worn in ancient times, men and women. Women wore earrings primarily to embellish the face, but also to emphasize their values ??or position in society.

. A Woman can’t go without having Earrings. It clearly depicts their Character and Style.

. Earrings are the Simple form of Jewelry that is Light Weight and Easy to Carry.

. Earrings are the Butterflies of Jewelry Kingdom; they can Enhance and make an Outfit.

. Earrings are the most Attention?—?Seeking Jewelry Piece that takes the viewer’s Attention away from your less desirable features & towards your best ones.

. If Women have to attract the Attention of the “Right” men, wearing Earrings is perhaps one way to do so.

. Want to stand out of the Crowd, choose the Handcrafted Earrings that not only matches your Outfit but also Looks Gorgeous on your Face.

A man with an earring can be found on depictions of ancient Persia. There are paintings, for example, men with earrings.

Nowadays earrings adorn both men and women. Both women and men wear earrings primarily as a fashion accessory to beautify looks.

Another reason for wearing earrings is emphasizing personal identity.

Hope, all are clear for Earrings Symbolism.

For example, during the sixties and seventies began to appear prodding both earlobes, but also other parts of the body, which are known under the term piercing. At this time the piercing was popular especially among anarchists, punks and other similar groups. Now-a-days piercing is a form of body decoration, worn especially by the young generation.

Earrings Types –

Earrings have different Shapes and different types of locking. Below is the list ear types with which you normally encounter: -

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Hoop Earrings

Making the Hoops your Statement piece will definitely bring a certain Attitude and Attention to your Outfit.

Arvino is offering a beautiful Delicate 925 Sterling Silver Hoops Earrings collection at Wholesale Price.

We use Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Plating to give and Exquisite Look to Silver Hoop Earrings.

Drop Earrings

Dangle or Drop Earrings jewelry pieces could never go out of style because of the innovation of new amazing designs.

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Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings have a very Rich past, Lush in Culture, art, and history with tons of style just waiting to be worn.

Studs are very easy to style and comfortable to wear. You can effortlessly pair them with other jewelry pieces or wear them alone.

There are so many different Styles & Designs of Sterling Silver Stud Earrings for women available at Arvino.

Clip On Earrings

Clip-on are the only way to wear this statement-making oversized earring trend, as the weight would be too much for a pieced earring design, putting too much pressure on the ears.

With clip-on the designs sit perfectly on the ears, without drooping and without the risk of tearing or damaging your ears.

In addition to this, clip-on earrings will not drop down the ear; they’ll sit exactly where you want them to?—?essential for creating a striking impression, whatever the occasion!

Gemstone Earrings

Jewelry is not always about gold, silver or platinum exquisitely crafted into beautiful designs. Gemstones studded in these metals can give a different look to any piece of art.

Arvino use all kinds of Natural Stone, Semiprecious Stone to give a Captivating look to our Stone Earrings Online Jewelry. Go through our best Silver Stone Earrings jewelry with varieties of semiprecious gemstone.

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