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Fashion Rings: Every Girl's First Choice

Fashion Rings: Every Girl's First Choice


My family found my dressing sense obnoxious. I danced and talked like guys. From childhood I had this tomboy attitude, I could not change myself. I was magnetized to boyish stuff from kindergarten days. I could not imitate my sister which my mother wanted me. We were different individuals so we think differently. My mother had made every effort to pull towards doing everything that girl loved to do like shopping accessories, doing hairstyles and make-up to joining dance school but nothing worked at all. one of her half-sisters told us that she was just like me but her love towards jewellery changed her to a great extent. She buys fashion rings online for her sister's marriage after which she started wearing it herself.

Getting closer to shop fashion rings online India would help me understand why girls loved to wear jewellery according to my mom so I purchased and wore it in my hand. For a few weeks, I was not comfortable wearing a ring because everyone at college and nearby home stared at me. When I told this to my sister, she suggested to me that I should not give attention to such people. My dad hearing to me joins our discussion that he told me that people had never seen me wearing girlish stuff so I was shocked to see a change in my personality. According to him, they were gazing at me out of agitation and not because the ring was looking inadequate on me. My family told me that my hands looked gorgeous with rings and I should wear them on a regular basis.

One thing that I realized was that my mom was right about rings. Wearing them in hands felt really good because people would ask me about my ring and stare at my hands. Every month my mother was happy to listen that I want to buy fashion rings online from my choice.

Enjoying precious ring shopping online is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I love buying them therefore whenever I have to gift someone anything especially people who are close to me I ordered fashion rings online India for them.

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    We are one of the reputed online jewellery store in India that has an extensive collection of Designer Fashion jewellery, which exudes on-going fashion trends. Take your pick from our vibrant styles and designs to look unique and specific ARVINO caters the needs of today dynamic woman who wish to wear complementing pieces with every dress they adorn. You could consider giving these jewelry items as gifts to your loved ones.

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    Arvind’s love of modern jewelry informs his design aesthetics. Each piece feels like a modern take on a precious antique. His Collection features one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces foraged from semi-precious stones and metals. The unique combinations of shapes, metals and stones are the signature of his Collection.

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