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Vacation Collection: Jewellery for your Perfectly Stylish Vacation

Vacation Collection: Jewellery for your Perfectly Stylish Vacation


The iffy love affair between stylish expensive jewellery and vacation is known to all of us! We all tend to get confused when it comes to choosing jewellery for any of our vacations be it a beach vacation or one in the mountains or even a road trip. We are forced to pack light but still wish to look uber cool flaunting our own unique style. So, this is the reason we decided to curate a collection specially meant for vacations. 

Why did we feel the need to curate a Vacation Collection?

Modern Designer Necklaces, rings or earrings, take any piece of jewellery, it is heavy and indeed expensive and it is a pain to pack them off in a suitcase. Along with the jewellery, carrying their separate boxes is yet another issue we all face and if you are flying to some distant location, the baggage allowance is the biggest troublemaker. All this was pretty evident to the team at Arvino as well. Curating an entire collection is a time-consuming process but we had the challenge and we were excited! There were a whole lot of factors that had to be taken care of but our designers were all set.

What you can expect from Arvino’s Vacation Collection?

Fuss-free pieces were our very first thought. Small-size hoops or studs are the best choices to make while packing for a vacation as they are light to pack and carry. Sauve Hoops, Neon Pink Hoops, Tyger Half Hoops, Hexa Hopps, Trine Small Earrings, Aqua Resin Studs, Round Tube Studs, Darling Studs are few of the many great pieces that our collection features. They are light, they are chic and they are definitely going to make a fashion statement. For those who are in absolute love with danglers, we have included many for them in vibrant colors to keep alive the holiday vibe. Set of Line Danglers, Manacle Danglers, Bottle Green Tangible Danglers, Woodsy Long Danglers, and Teal Linked Danglers are few danglers that made it to our utterly stylish Vacation Collection.

Apart from the earrings, few modern designer necklaces were also hand-picked by our designers for this collection. But we had to keep them light, yet very stylish. A few necklaces which indeed made it to our favorite list are Midair Pearl Choker, Midair Turquoise Choker, Runic Necklace, Blue Bullet Necklace, etc. The best part about our necklaces from this collection is that you can flaunt them without any worry. They are lightweight and will complement your holiday outfits really well. This collection has got some bracelets too ladies!

If you are a sucker for trendy jewellery and spend your time hunting for modern designer necklaces or modern earrings online, look no further and give a shot to Arvino’s Vacation Collection for your next holiday. You will be spoilt for choices with such a vast collection of designer necklaces, bracelets and designer earrings online at Arvino.

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