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Western Jewellery

Stars have several sets of hands to plan their looks. Every accessory they wear is carefully selected by their stylists. Not everyone can afford to hire a stylist or has the time to research, and plan a look. For those of you who deeply covet celebrity jewellery designs, be celebrity collection has got everything covered for you, from bracelets, cuff, studs, bangles, rings to necklaces. 

Gone are the days when you can't dress like your style icon. Earlier, finding the exact modern jewellery design an actress or singer wore was a challenge. Only the people belonging to the elite communities had the luxury to shop for designer jewellery online worn by celebs. With Arvino, you not only buy products adorned by famous personalities but also get the chance to experience the quality they wear daily. The celebrity collection is the vision of Arvind Agarwal, the founder of Arvino. His designs have been featured in New York Fashion Week. A glance at the runways can reveal ample of celebrity jewellery designs he created.

The eye-catching images of your beloved celebrities wearing stunning modern jewellery design can fill your heart with appreciation for them. Some celebs never cease to impress their fans, they are covered in up-to-the-minute accessories from head to toe. At some point in life, you want to recreate your favourite movie scene. For those days we have brought to you a collection inspired by Bollywood A-listers. 

Enjoy your Diva moment with celebrity jewellery designs! 

Celebrities have a profound influence on our lifestyle. Their classic looks from the greatest movies have shaped our culture. From iconic Marilyn Monroe’s hit ‘diamonds are a girl's best friend to classic pearl jewellery flaunted at the royal courts, jewellery has always been a companion of elites. With our collection, anyone can flaunt the latest celebrity trends without spending a fortune. The western jewellery online at our store allows you to experience the glitz and glamour of Bollywood from the comfort of their home. Every woman can buy the designer jewellery online she aspires with our unique range of products. 

Adorn Your Wrists

Bright and Bold Bracelets & Cuff - Want to steal the limelight? Spruce up your look with hammered bracelets. Our western jewellery online provides chic designs that have caught the fancy of the biggest stars in B-town on multiple occasions. The textured bracelets are the perfect choice for minimalists. They can be resized according to your wrist length. To improve the lustre of bracelets, they are plated with 18K pure gold. The buyers are spoilt for choices with three distinct patterns. The ‘irregular edge gold cuff’ is an open bracelet with no craving and embellishment. It combines the sheen of gold and quirkiness of curves. The days when you want to feel the magic of rings and bracelets in one piece, we have created ring bracelets and cuffs. They have no clasps or fasteners and remains intact on your hand. If hearing the sweet chime of metals is what you need, go for our modish charm bracelet. 

Picture-perfect Earrings 

Ear jewellery is something you will find in every woman’s jewellery box. Your face is a mirror to your soul. It expresses every emotion you experience as you go through it. Whether happiness or bewilderment, it takes only a few seconds to reflect on your face. Adding a dash of glamour is made simple with our exotic earrings designs. To entice the buyers we have included a variety of ear jewellery: studs, hoops, dangling earrings. For colour coordinating your earrings and outfits, choose from our gemstone studded earpieces. In case, you are drawn towards metallic tones, browse through our silver-plated and gold-plated earrings. 

Look Effortlessly Edgy - Style your neckline with ravishing jewellery and become the centre of attention. Our necklaces are crafted to suit the rising demand for contemporary designs. It showcases a broad range of materials and jewellery-making techniques. We value the diversity in our buyers and have created this collection to accommodate your needs. For people who love the sheen of gold, our sterling silver and brass necklace are plated with 18K gold. We didn’t leave the silver enthusiast in despair! The collection has a combination of gold plated, and silver necklaces. To give the necklaces a funky appearance, asymmetrical pendants and charms are used in designs. What sets the necklaces apart is the quirky silhouette.  

Rings that Make You Headturner -  Even small accessory like a ring brighten ups your outfit and accentuate your overall look. Rings hold a special significance in our life. They are exchanged during marriages, worn by a group on accomplishment such as graduation, or after a proposal. Fashion rapidly evolved in the last decades. The ring became the cheapest means to make a fashion statement. For ensuring your attire and the rings match, a wide number of gemstones are used in ring design. 

Hear the Chime Charms - Add a little extra spark to your bracelets, necklaces and chains with charms designed by our modern jewellery designers. Give your bland jewellery a sensual twist with classic charms. To make it easy for you to choose, we cater charms into two varieties, with and without gemstones. 

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    Fashion Jewellery Online

    We are one of the reputed online jewellery store in India that has an extensive collection of Designer Fashion jewellery, which exudes on-going fashion trends. Take your pick from our vibrant styles and designs to look unique and specific ARVINO caters the needs of today dynamic woman who wish to wear complementing pieces with every dress they adorn. You could consider giving these jewelry items as gifts to your loved ones.

    About Arvind Agarwal
    Arvind’s love of modern jewelry informs his design aesthetics. Each piece feels like a modern take on a precious antique. His Collection features one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces foraged from semi-precious stones and metals. The unique combinations of shapes, metals and stones are the signature of his Collection.

    About Collections:

    Be Celebrity : Be a self-styling celeb with ARVINO’s Be Celebrity Designer Western Jewellery Collection. The collection is pure magic and the same will help you to look specifically how fashionable you are..

    Arvino Must Have : Take the look to new heights of spectacular with ARVINO Must  Have Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection. Make a decision every single day and set new fashion trends daily.

    Vacation : Be fashionista while on vacation too with Gemstone Silver Jewellery. The bold collection will add beauty to your style of vacating.

    Monday to Friday : This collection is for today dynamic woman who wish to wear complimenting piece with every dress they adorn. We under women love for jewelry, and thus we are at their rescue with our customized jewelry.
    Be in-charge of your look and use your creativity with Be Ur Own Designer charms & pendants. With the collection, enhance what makes you uniquely you.