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"Jewelry Care"

·         Each Piece of Arvino Jewelry Is Hand-Crafted And Requires Delicate Handling.

·         We have compiled a list of Tips for you on how to care for your ARVINO JEWELRY, so it will look as lovely as the First day you received it. We have customers who continue to enjoy wearing their ARVINO JEWELRY after owning it for Last 25 years!!!

·         We recommend you to store your jewelry in a ZIP-LOCK bag as exposure to the air and environment can cause your jewelry to Tarnish over time. ZIP-LOCK bags are a cheap way to keep you jewelry looking newer for longer. Acid free tissue is also an excellent way to store your jewelry.

·         Please don’t store jewelry next to heating vents, windowsills or in the bathroom. Damp and hot condition will cause the jewelry to tarnish badly.

·         Skin and hair products can react with jewelry causing it to tarnish, Discolor and possibly Corrode. We strongly advise applying any cosmetics and scents before you put on your jewelry.

·         Remove any jewelry before engaging in any form of Physical Exercise. Be it at the gym, gardening or cleaning, as this will ensure our delicate jewelry is not accidentally damaged. Perspiration can also contribute to the tarnishing of your jewelry.

·         Chemicals found in swimming pools and natural springs will cause extreme tarnishing. Water will also contribute to tarnishing of your jewelry. Therefore always remove your jewelry before entering a pool, shower, spring or the sea.

·         Store your jewelry separately, so that they don't Scratch, Tangle or Rub against each other. We don't recommend sleeping in your jewelry.

=> With proper care, your jewelry will retain their Beauty and Character. 

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact ARVINO JEWELRY +91-8239450450 or Email us at [email protected]

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    Fashion Jewellery Online

    We are one of the reputed online jewellery store in India that has an extensive collection of Designer Fashion jewellery, which exudes on-going fashion trends. Take your pick from our vibrant styles and designs to look unique and specific ARVINO caters the needs of today dynamic woman who wish to wear complementing pieces with every dress they adorn. You could consider giving these jewelry items as gifts to your loved ones.

    About Arvind Agarwal
    Arvind’s love of modern jewelry informs his design aesthetics. Each piece feels like a modern take on a precious antique. His Collection features one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces foraged from semi-precious stones and metals. The unique combinations of shapes, metals and stones are the signature of his Collection.

    About Collections:

    Be Celebrity : Be a self-styling celeb with ARVINO’s Be Celebrity Designer Western Jewellery Collection. The collection is pure magic and the same will help you to look specifically how fashionable you are..

    Arvino Must Have : Take the look to new heights of spectacular with ARVINO Must  Have Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection. Make a decision every single day and set new fashion trends daily.

    Vacation : Be fashionista while on vacation too with Gemstone Silver Jewellery. The bold collection will add beauty to your style of vacating.

    Monday to Friday : This collection is for today dynamic woman who wish to wear complimenting piece with every dress they adorn. We under women love for jewelry, and thus we are at their rescue with our customized jewelry.
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